If you find yourself suddenly unable to work, no doubt you’re worried about bringing in income to cover your family’s expenses. Should you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits? Here’s what you need to know before you do.

Your Condition Must Be Official and Severe

To qualify for SSDI, you must have a condition marked in the Social Security Administration’s official list of impairments. This list includes everything the SSA considers bad enough to keep people from performing their jobs. Also, your condition must keep you out of work for at least a year or end in your death.

Your Work History Must Meet Certain Standards

The SSA requires that you have worked enough hours for your age level to qualify for benefits. Your previous income must also come in below their designated top amount or you’ll be turned away.

You Must Not Be Able to Work

To be approved for Disability benefits, you must be unable to continue working. They’ll look at many aspects including physical ability, mental clarity and environmental toleration to decide if you can no longer function in an occupational setting. You also cannot have the ability to work in a related field. If you can’t do your current job but can do something similar, you will not be approved for SSDI.

If you meet these qualifications, there’s still a possibility that you could be turned down for benefits you deserve. Call Law Offices of Betsy H. Alberts for a better chance of being approved.