If you are considering hiring a lawyer for your Social Security case, you may be wondering if it is worth the time and money. While you can try to apply on your own, hiring a disability lawyer can have big benefits for people seeking Social Security assistance. Here are three detailed reasons why you should hire a Social Security Disability lawyer.

1. Experience

Social Security Disability lawyers have the experience needed to plan your case, compile sufficient evidence, present a convincing argument and file an appeal if necessary. Without any previous law experience, most individuals would likely struggle with all these steps. 

2. Improve Your Visibility

You are more likely to be approved for Social Security benefits if you have a lawyer representing you. Hiring a disability lawyer may give your case greater precedence and visibility. In addition, your attorney will know the fine details of the case that need to be carefully completed.

3. Maximum Benefits

When filing on your own, you may be unsure exactly what you qualify for and how much money you are entitled to. An experienced disability attorney can help prepare your claim so that you apply for the maximum amount of benefits possible.

Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to Social Security benefits. Hiring a lawyer will help you to pursue the compensation you deserve. To enlist the aid of a Social Security Disability lawyer, contact the Law Offices of Betsy H. Alberts today.